Dry Needling Demonstration causes Pneumothorax Live on Video

This is the most important video you’ll ever watch as a Dry Needling therapist. We should be so grateful to the medical doctors that published this article because it’s going to be an invaluable teaching aid about the dangers of Dry Needling.

By watching this video you’ll:

  1. Be reminded of the dangers of needling around the lung & pleurae
  2. Understand why perpendicular needling is not always the best choice for needling in this region
  3. Choose a needle length that is appropriate for the needling area
  4. Understand why it’s important to make a decision about the depth of needling you’re prepared to reach prior to insertion
  5. By reading this article which was written by the medical doctors in this video you’ll:

    1. Read first hand what the first signs & symptoms that accompany a pneumothorax
    2. Follow the progress of the medical doctor who was needled in this video after the pneumothorax
    3. Evaluate the lessons to be learned from the experience of these doctors

    Dr Wayne


  1. Christine Cyriacks says

    The dangers of dry needling? Perhaps it should be the dangers of needling by those not qualified.

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