Twitch Dry Needling Video Clip. Episode 9: Limited Shoulder Internal Rotation

This video describes how I treat Limited Shoulder Internal Rotation using Dry Needling & a complimentary Manual Therapy technique.


How to safely apply dry needling for patients with limited shoulder internal rotation and follow up with a great manual therapy technique to get great results for your patients every time.

These Dry Needling Techniques should only be applied by trained therapists who have completed an accredited course.

So you’ve got a rotator cuff injury. You’ve done all the normal work around the shoulder, they’ve got the internal rotation problem still, only getting up to ten twenty degrees or so. Let’s have a look at what else we can do.

Some dry needling to subscapularis is really good. Subscapularis is going to be a medial rotator. So let’s have a look at how we do that. We’re getting in to her winged scapula already and we can get into the subscapularis and into serratus anterior which is going to be great. Then we get the patient to stay exactly where they are, I’m going to come over to the other side of the table and we can wing the scapula. That’s it. Perfect.

Now we will stretch though right into here, pushing down like this. That’s gonna open out the medial border of the scapula and we’re going to be able to stretch that serratus anterior a little more, subscapularis a little more and the erector spinae.

So how do we do that well ?

In this position you can get right under the scapula and do some rotation around here. Get the patient to relax a little bit. Really  wing this out, look at that, you can wing this out beautifully. Look at that nice stretch. In here stretching all those tissues around the medial border. Very nice and so this is a really quite a nice indirect technique that you can use to improve internal rotation for those rotator cuff problems or stubborn ones.

Hope that helps .

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