Twitch Dry Needling Video Clip. Episode 44 :DRY NEEDLING UPPER TRAPS & OCCIPITAL SPRINGING

This video describes how I apply dry needling for those patients who’ve got neck pain headaches then follow up with a great manual therapy technique to get great results for your patients every time.


Hi. Welcome to the Twitch Dry Needling video training series where I’ll show you a fantastic dry needling technique followed by a manual therapy technique to get great results for your patients every time

These Dry Needling Techniques should only be applied by trained therapists who have completed an accredited course.

Okay, neck pain headaches. Of course, we’re going to have a look at the upper traps. Needling this is daily work for us as manual therapists, and gets great results, of course. And whether you’re doing L6 or L1-L5, this is a very effective technique. So, lying on your back, what do we do as a follow up manual therapy technique to needling the upper traps? Well, have a look at this. This is occipital springing.

So, we’re going to be springing the occiput, the O/A area. So, you grab underneath the head like this. The opposite put where you grab over the forehead like this, and we’re going to stretch the area out underneath and opening out that upper cervical spine. Really great follow up technique for anyone with neck pain, headaches, or neck tension.

Hope that helps.

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