Twitch Dry Needling Video Clip. Episode 40 : COMPARTMENT SYNDROME & GLUTEUS MEDIUS

This video describes how I apply dry needling for patients with anterior compartment syndrome then follow up with a great manual therapy technique to get great results for your patients every time.


Hi. Welcome to the Twitch Dry Needling video training series where I’ll show you a fantastic dry needling technique followed by a manual therapy technique to get great results for your patients every time

These Dry Needling Techniques should only be applied by trained therapists who have completed an accredited course.

Okay, now you’ve all had those patients with anterior compartment syndrome and the muscle that you’re going to think about for that particular condition is of course tibialis anterior. Great muscle to needle and gets results for anyone with that particular condition.

So you’re going to find some trigger points really much more so at the proximal end right here. Needle that muscle straight towards the tibia right there and get some nice results, whether you’re doing level 1-5 or level 6.

Okay, now what else can you do as a follow up therapy technique? Well, these types of patients will often get a problem in the glute medius on the other side, contra lateral glute medius, because that’s going to be loaded up when they’re running and weight bearing on this side that’s symptomatic.

So what we’re going to do, so assuming glute medius is a problem on the other side. We’ll take that over here. Do some muscle energy technique. Take it over to a barrier. Push against me on the outside there, lovely, okay. Hold it there, 20 to 30% of your max and relax. A new point of barrier, push again. Excellent and get some release in their glute medius for anyone with anterior compartment syndrome after you’ve needled the tibialis anterior.

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