Twitch Dry Needling Video Clip. Episode 16: Dry Needling for Longus Colli

This video describes how I apply dry needling to the Longus Colli followed by a complimentary Manual Therapy technique.


Hi, Welcome to the Twitch Dry Needling Video Training Series, where I’ll show you a fantastic dry needling technique followed by a manual therapy technique to get great results for your patients every time.

These Dry Needling Techniques should only be applied by trained therapists who have completed an accredited course.

Okay, is a sore throat or a cough outside your scope of practice as a manual therapist? Well, the answer to that of course is yes, but what if those symptoms are actually coming from a muscle at the front your neck, which we would traditionally needle with somebody after a whiplash. That’s longest colli. Needling longest colli is actually very straight forward, even with the important structures that are right next to longest colli, as long as you know you’re anatomy in this area, it’s a very safe muscle to needle, and very effective at not only reducing symptoms from pain after a whiplash in front of your neck after you’ve had a little bit of a back, but also from getting your symptoms, such as your cough or your sore throat.

So what do you do as a follow up therapy manual therapy technique? Well of course, survival extension and traction in here is really effective in stretching out that longest colli because it’s going to be very hard to do manual therapy technique right into that longest colli from the front. It’s actually much better, much more effective when you’re doing it from the back here and stretching it in the manual therapy sense and the dry needling sense from longest colli.

So try that and think about those patients who’ve got those stubborn symptoms such as a cough or a sore throat, or of course they’ve got whiplash symptoms. Longest colli dry needling technique, hope that helps.

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