This is why I work so hard preparing my courses…

Every now & again, I get an email from someone who’s been to one of my Dry Needling Courses or completed the online theory which spurs me on to work even harder & produce even better continuing professional development courses for health professionals.

Last week, I received one of these emails from an Osteopath who had completed my Dry Needling Techniques introductory course.
When you’re running a business, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the purpose of what you’re doing. One gets busy managing inquiries, sending emails, scheduling new course dates, advertising and the list goes on. 

So I was delighted to receive this beautiful email from Jon Davies in Victoria, which got my head out of the details of running my business & brought back perspective and purpose:

Dear Wayne,

I just wanted to let you know how I was getting on after attending your course in the Gold Coast.

First off, thanks for providing such a comprehensive online component. I normally take on CPD reluctantly, doing it because I have to, not because I want to. I have also had a moderately sceptical opinion of dry needling, and would have been categorised as a hard case to convince!

The online portion of the course was excellently structured, enjoyable and convenient to complete.

Attending the practical part of the course, I was amazed at the amount we covered in one day. The hands on sessions were perfectly balanced with  classroom learning segments, the course materials were generous and well presented. The final convincer was feeling the effects of the needles, the sleep I had that night was also testament to the efficacy of this approach. 

I put my new skills to work imediately on my return, the benefits have been astonishing, from stubborn shoulders suddenly responding after weeks of slow hard treatment, to me not feeling so exhausted at the end of a day in the clinic.

I am enjoying integrating dry needling into my practise, and looking forward to joining you on the advanced course. Please be sure to email me when you have finalised the dates.

Best wishes,


Dry Needling Courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide & Perth.

Thanks Jon.

Dr Wayne

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