Sydney Dry Needling Course – December 2018

Well done everyone. You’ve not only completed the Safest Dry Needling Course in Australia but you’ve also attended the last course for 2018. Thank you for being such a great group. Have a great Christmas break & New Year, we look forward to hearing about how you’ve been using Dry Needling in your practices. Wayne, Louise, Kurt, Marty, Anthony, Brett & Renae.

If you’d like to become one of the Safest Dry Needling Therapists in Sydney, join us us next time.

Here’s what they said after attending the Safest Dry Needling Course in Sydney.


“Enjoying the course and the staff are fantastic and learning a lot” – Sarah Ryan

“Great course structure and teaching!” – Steph Anderson

“This course is so professional run, Thank you all so very much, I can’t wait to use dry needling I feel cry confident” – Tiarne Ayres

“Introductory dry needling course is well taught, easy to understand! Thanks for all the help and support!!” – Rebecca Robinson

“Wayne and his team provide a wonderfully presented course with terrific depth and application.” – Cato Rutherford

“I am a massage therapist, I enjoy the whole course. That was very interesting, thank you to all the team. In Peace” – Jonkill Lamifour

“What a great clinical experience. I looked far and wide for a dry needling course that was offered to registered nurses and this was the only one I could find. Educators are very skilled, helpful and friendly. Thank you.” – Mick Punchy Sager

“That’s great and useful course that I have experienced. Everything is as wonderful, practical as my friends recommend to me. Cool~ ” – Bizo Wu