Practice Tip Videos : Episode 3

This video explains the importance of doing the right things during your treatment rather than more things.



Hi my name is Wayne Mahmoud from CPD Health Courses bringing you today’s practice tip. Less is more. So you might remember in the last practice tip that I shared with you which was called “What’s Your Opening Line?” there were two things that I recommended that all your patients should walk away with in that first treatment, as a new patient..

One of those was the treatment of course and the second thing is the plan. But which one of those is the most important? If I had to choose which one of those was the most important you might be surprised to hear that I would think that your plan is much more important than your treatment. Too many practitioners spend too much time doing the wrong things in that treatment as a new patient.

What patients are much more satisfied with when they walk out of that room as a new patient is what you’ve said rather than what you’ve done. In fact those patients that I can think of in my career who have walked out the most satisfied are the ones where I haven’t even treated them at all. They have been so satisfied with the recommendations that I have given them, the plan that I have given them, rather than what I’ve done.

So it’s really important to walk away with a plan. What does that plan consist of? Well that’s really easy. They need to walk away with a plan that gives them the answers to these three questions. What’s wrong with me? The diagnosis – What are you going to do about it? – What are you going to do as far as the treatment goes – And how long is it going to take? What’s my prognosis? When should I start feeling better?

If you can answer those three questions on their first visit as a new patient they are going to walk out really satisfied. You’ve done your job. It doesn’t matter whether you haven’t done any treatment at all. It’s most important that you walk away with a plan. So next time you get a new patient those three things you’ve got to go and give them the answer to those before they leave, written down in the form of a recommended management plan or RMP.

There’s lots of people who have different acronyms for this thing but basically it’s the answer to those three questions. Try that the next time you have a new patient. Those three questions. Answer them for every new patient that you get and incidentally every repeat patient with a new problem, that’s the same process. You’re going to come up with those three answers to those three questions.

But don’t think you’re off the hook, that somehow treatment doesn’t matter anymore. All you’ve got to do is give them great communication, great advice and answer those three questions. No. On the contrary. You’ve got to deliver the goods with respect to your treatment and your hands-on technique. Excellence is the word there. You’ve got to provide them with excellence in everything you do as far as their treatment in order to achieve the goal whether that’s returning to work, sport or whatever it is that they need to do.

So remember, less is more. Make sure that you concentrate on the important things, not only in the first treatment but in every subsequent consultation thereafter. I hope that helps. Hope you like that practice tip. See you next time.

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