Practice Tip Videos : Episode 1

This video explains how important it is to have the right mindset before you walk into every treatment & treat every appointment as a unique experience for your patient or client.



Hi, my name is Wael Mahmoud from CPD Health Courses. Welcome to today’s practice tip. Today’s practice tip is called an event or a treatment. This is a really important subject and something that I want you to start thinking about the next time you walk into treat a patient. What I want to do is use an analogy to explain what I mean. Imagine yourself as an athlete, someone who’s training for a particular competition at some time in the future. Let’s say that your competition is a couple of months away, so everything you’re doing right now is leading up to this particular competition or event.

The rehab that you’re doing, the physical exercise, the training, the running, whatever it is, the food that you’re eating, the supplements, all the massage and all the things that lead up to a particular competition, everything like that is your hard work, your training towards this event. That event is really special for you because it’s the time when you want to perform at your best. Now let’s think about a treatment time that you have booked in for next week. Let’s say you’ve got an appointment 2:30 on a Thursday next week sometime.

Now I doubt whether you’re thinking about that 2:30 time slot as a particular event, you’re thinking of that as well, that’s my list and I’ve got a patient at 2:30 which is one of eight people that are also booked in that afternoon perhaps. It’s not really special for you. After all, it’s what you do, it’s your work, it’s routine for you. The problem with that thinking is that your patient, the customer, that very important person who’s also part of this whole equation is not thinking that. They’re not thinking this is routine. This is not something they do every day.

For them, this is a special event. Just like the athlete they’re thinking of their 2:30 appointment time as a special event. Now the problem with that is that we now have an imbalance between two types of thinking. You’re thinking of the same time slot as a routine event, they’re thinking that this is a special event. The reason they’re thinking that this is a special event is that they might have been in pain for a long time, they’re looking to get out of pain. They might be awaiting getting back to a special sport or a hobby or even work. They might not be able to sleep at the moment because they’ve got a bad back.

This is really important for them and that’s why they’re considering their treatment time with you as a special event. How do we make it a special event for every patient that you treat, not just that one, but every treatment that you treat from now on, every treatment that you have booked in, you’re treating that as a special event? How do you do that, because then we’ve met the expectations of our patient. That’s the key thing. You are now thinking the same way and when you do that, you’re likely to get great results for your patient because you’re on the same wavelength.

You’re thinking this is special, they’re expecting this to be special and what happens, it is a special occasion, it’s a special event. How do we do that? Well, two things. First of all, mindset. Change your mindset, you’re now thinking that every treatment is a special event. The second thing is, what you actually do in the treatment itself and before you’ve even got your patient in the room. The hard work, all that effort in learning your techniques, mastering your craft, is the training that happens before this event, that treatment

That’s the experience that you have prior to this particular treatment. That’s what you’re doing all the time. Just like the athlete, you’re training, well now you’re mastering your craft. Same thing, leading up to this special event so you can perform at your best. Second thing is, the way you do things at the particular treatment that we’re talking about, this special event, how you greet your patient, what you say, what are the first things that come out of your mouth when you are greeting that patient? Then how do you sit in the room? What’s your body language? Where do they sit in comparison to you? How do you take your case history?

How do you present the plan to them of how you’re going to help them? What is the plan, have you got a plan to treat this patient, to get them back to function, get them back to their favourite sport, get them back to work? All these things make it a special event. The key things here are mindset, change your mindset to make every treatment a special event and continue to master your craft in your training for this special event. Hope you liked that practice tip. See you next time.

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