Melbourne Dry Needling Course – March 2019

Congratulations to everyone who attended the Dry Needling Course in Melbourne. Thank you for being such a great group! Physio, Osteo, Chiro, RMT, Pod, EP & Myo, I think we covered all the Manual Therapy professions in one weekend! You all successfully completed the Safest Dry Needling Course in Australia. Well Done.

If you’d like to become one of the Safest Dry Needling Therapists in Melbourne, join us us next time.


Here’s what they said after attending the Safest Dry Needling Course in Melbourne.


“I found this course a “TOTAL PACKAGE”. Not only I got to master the “DRY NEEDLING” with Wayne and his associates, but also got a real good insight on anatomy, palpating skills and most importantly learnt to be “SAFE” at all times. If you are a Manual Therapist wanting a useful tool in your bag of treatment options, this course is a MUST DO….” –Dulàn Kodikàra