Melbourne Dry Needling Course – August 2019

Well done everyone, it was great to meet you all in our hometown, Melbourne. A Special congratulations to our therapists from South America, Astrid, Fabian, Natalia & Angel. Sophie, Laura, Jarrod & Wayne.

If you’d like to become one of the Safest Dry Needling Therapists in Melbourne join us us next time.

Here’s what they said after attending the Safest Dry Needling Course in Melbourne

“Excellent course, very knowledgeable teachers and nice course environment.
I like the fact that any question was answered promptly and with a high standard, safety was an important key and you feel confident at the end of the course.
Highly recommended and I’m glad that I did it with Wayne! 👏🏻”- Natitto Oz NzCa

“very thorough delivery. very focused on the safety of the patient and making it as comfortable as possible for the therapist.
Im as nervous as hell about the assessment but the information i walk away with is invaluable.”- Jenny Lo Ricco

“Great course. Training was clear and detailed! Every opportunity for the student to ask questions was provided. Instructors explained on what they are going to teach us, summarized, and proceeded to teach, providing relevant real life examples!”- Amanda Grace

“I’m remedial therapist in Melbourne and this course it’s just a perfect combination for my professional practice. I am so happy with the new opportunities!”-Astrid Helena Garcia Barrera