Just One Alcoholic Drink a Day Can Raise Risk of Heart Disease

one drink a day can increase risk of heart disease

I would like to share this article with patients. It seems that many people are using the previous advice of “a glass a day, keeps the doctor away” as a rationalisation for excessive drinking.

According to the study, even just one alcoholic drink a day will actually increase the risk of heart disease.

The study therefore contradicts claims that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages has a protective effect.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Previous studies have suggested that drinking 12 to 25 units a week could be good for the heart but research published in the BMJ on Friday, using data from more than 260,000 participants in 56 studies, found that even light drinkers can reduce their risk of coronary heart disease and blood pressure by cutting down.

The complete article can be found here, and the study it references can be found here.

(Image courtesy of TheGuardian.com)


Dr Wayne W Mahmoud
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