Dry Needling – A Question about Scar Tissue

dry needling and scar tissue

A reader posted this question to me:

Dear Dr Wayne,

I have a client seeing me to help him get back his full wrist flexion and extension. After surgery to repair his injured wrist, 6 months has passed, his wrist is still not able to go into the normal range of flexion and extension. There is quite a bit of scarring tissues on the dorsum of wrist as can be seen on the attached photos.

Can I needle on the scar on dorsum to help that area to heal better? If it is good to do that, how deep can I go with the needle and what area to avoid. I know it is not good to attempt on the carpal tunnel area (underside of wrist). Look forward to your advice.

Best regards,

Hee from Singapore.

Yes, you can use Dry Needling to help promote formation of new connective tissue & activate fibroblast activity. I would work on shallow needling (depth of the scar tissue) & level 1-5 intensity levels. Treatment 2x per week for 4 weeks. Use 0.25 x 30 mm needles.

Dr Wayne W Mahmoud
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