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Dry Needling Course Manual

I’ve just been putting the final touches to the 148 page Dry Needling Course Manual for our first Dry Needling Course in Sydney next week.

This will be our first Dry Needling course in Sydney. I’m really looking forward to coming up from Melbourne to the Harbour City and enjoying the wonderful scenery, restaurants and weather Sydney has to offer.

The way I’ve structured the manual is designed to give the reader an easy to use dry needling guide for each of the 45 muscles we cover on our practical course.

Each muscle has five slides attributed to it; Anatomy, Surface Anatomy, Cautions, Needle Selection & Trigger Point Location.

Anatomy: The anatomy of every muscle is described. Origin, insertion and actions.

Surface Anatomy: The anatomy of each muscle is not enough, I have described the best way to locate each muscle and it’s relationship to the surrounding structures. This is a very important part of the manual because if you don’t know in which muscle the patient’s pain is located, you can’t record your treatment.

Cautions: This slide describes any important structures that are located around the muscle and how to avoid them. I have described the location of important nerves, blood vessels & organs.

Needle Selection: In this slide I recommend the length & gauge of needle to use plus the number of needles that you’ll need to use for a particular muscle. As well as recommending the dimensions of the needles I have also added the best needling direction to use.

Trigger Point Location: Each of these slides contains a beautifully illustrated diagram of the most common Trigger Point locations & the areas that they refer to.

I look forward to presenting you with my manual when you attend your Dry Needling Technique practical course not just in Sydney but we also have Dry Needling Courses in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth. Click below to find out more

Dr Wayne

Dry Needling Courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide & Perth.

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