Dry Needling Adductor Longus & Gracilis

I saw a patient yesterday, a 45 year old panel beater/spray painter with a groin pain. The onset of the pain was 3 days ago for no apparent reason.

The pain was coming from trigger points deep in the bellies of his adductor longus and gracilis muscles on the left side. He had exquisite pain over the adductor longus origin right on the adductor tubercle.

Adductor Longus TP V3

This is a really common finding in patients who have osteitis pubis. In those patients the exquisite pain is bilateral.

Adductor longus’s neighbour, the long and slender muscle known as Gracilis is also a common contributor to osteitis pubis dysfunction.

Both these muscles are of course major players in the stability of the pelvis and hip joints.

Once I found the trigger points in both muscles I gave the patient the option: Would you like me to reduce the tension in these muscles using deep soft-tissue massage (5-10 minutes) or pop a few acupuncture needles into the tender trigger points for about the same time? What’s the difference between these 2 options?

The massage is going to be really painful & probably leave the patient a little bruised for 2-3 days, however the needling will not be painful at all and will give the patient immediate pain relief.

Guess what he said? Of course, he opted for the needling.

I used 4 x 0.25mm x 30mm needles into the adductor longus and 3 x 0.25 x 30mm needles along the course of the gracilis muscle. In addition, I used a couple of extra acupuncture points used for tendon and pain relief. I left them in for 10 minutes.

There was a marked difference in pain. The patient reported the pain had reduced from a 8/10 to a 2-3/10 in just 10 minutes.

Let me know how you treat this area.

Dr Wayne W Mahmoud
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