Brisbane Dry Needling Course – July 2018

Congratulations to the latest Dry Needling therapists to attend the CPD Health Courses Dry Needling Training in Brisbane. Well done! If you’d like to become one of the Safest Dry Needling Therapists in Sydney, join us us next time… Safe . Confident . Effective .

Here’s what they said after attending the Safest Dry Needling Course in Brisbane.


“First night was great, looking forward to tomorrow!” –Fred Hsu

“Amazing course. Really enjoyed the theory – much more comprehensive on surface anatomy compared to my RMT Diploma. And the practical makes it all “fall into place”. Would definitely recommend!!” –Stef Munns

“The best way to learn dry needling, a time efficient course with external learning and a great ratio of supervisor:student for practical sessions”- Jordan Visser

“Great first night with intro, really helpful and looking forward to learn more!” –Gary Hsu

“Excellent course! Very thorough and well run!”- Ruth Corset

“I have always wanted to do a dry needling course and I’m glad I was recommended this one! The course is very easy to follow and you can learn the online contents at your own pace prior to the practical days. The practical days are so easy to follow and the instructors are very experienced and very helpful with technique and safety. Highly recommend CPD for any therapist looking at doing a dry needling course!!”

Bianca Wescombe

“Having a great time doing my DN course great people great coaches! Bring on the new skills!” – Tamarene O’Connor

“Highly recommend CPD to people looking for dry needling course. The lecture team makes dry needling technique clear and interesting. In the beginning I was so nervous, now I am so confident. Thank you!” – Lisa HC Huang

“It’s a good way for RMT to start another new professional technique just join the CPD Health Courses Advanced DN.
I am so glad and confident that after the course with all our friendly and professional lecturers.
We are in a safe class for the DN ” –Lumi Lin

“I am exercise physiologist and did my introduction dry needling course. Before the course I was never experienced to this technique but I always wanted to use this technique on my clients and family members. After finishing this course for 2 days I am confident about the theory and practical content of dry needling. During both days I got the chance to work on different trigger points and other candidates also work on my triggers points which gave me more confidence in this technique. Overall I highly recommend to the therapist who wants to put more skills in their bags to help their clientele.” – Hetvi Mayur Patel

“I’m on the second day of the course and I couldn’t feel more confident with all the techniques. The theory and the practical are really clear, and the teachers really helpful. I can’t wait to start applying Dry Needling to my patients!” – Andi Barrionuevo

“Loved the course, will recommend it to anyone looking to get into dry needling. Big thanks to Wayne, Sonja, Sophie and Lee as well as all the other participants for being great models and fellow dry needle practitioners.” – Dan Habromania

“Highly recommend the dry needling intro and advanced course, so much great detailed content delivered by enthusiastic and very experienced teachers.” – Clare Reid