Brisbane Dry Needling Course – April 2019

Congratulations Brisbane. You did it! Thank you for being such great therapists. You’re now one of the Safest Dry Needling Therapists in Australia.

If you’d like to become one of the Safest Dry Needling Therapists in Brisbane, join us us next time.

Here’s what they said after attending the Safest Dry Needling Course in Brisbane.

“The course was amazing! Really good theory course to follow. If you are doing the course I would recommend doing the Skype calls as I feel they really help to prepare you 🙂
Enjoying the practical course and the content. They educators have been extremely helpful in making me feel more confident ! 🙂
Thank you !” – Jessica Beer

“Great instructor to student ratio. Good content. Learned lots!” – Carol Ng

“Great course!! Multiple trainers were present providing clear support. Highly recommend 👌”- Melissa Bride

“The course is BRILLIANT! Sonja, Skye, Bec, Louise and Wayne gave a great level of supervised tutoring. Great student to staff ratio.
I’m looking forward to treating clients confidently.” – Lizzie Thompson

“Great training – thorough content and exceptionally well supervised learning! This will be a great asset to my manual therapy. Thanks guys!” –Elaine Henderson

“Excellent course, both theory and practical wise. Would recommend to anyone thinking of doing dry needling”- Jahmaya Hollywood

“As an Occupational Therapist, this course has been insightful and thorough. It has provided me with the knowledge and confidence I require to complete this treatment in order for my clients to regain function and control of their life” – Courtney Campbell

“Amazing intro and advanced dry needling courses! Great videos! Awesome student – instructor ratio!” – Julie Sorenson

“Awesome interactive intro and advanced dry needling course. Highly trained and approachable demonstrators. Would definitely recommend.”-Chantel Potgieter

“These guys are amazing.
if you want to do dry needling course I recomend them” – Wayne Haase