[Article]Nanna Goldman, Michael Chen, Takumi Fujita, Qiwu Xu,Weiguo Peng, Wei Liu,Tina K Jensen, Yong Pei, Fushun Wang, Xiaoning Han, Jiang-Fan Chen, JurgenSchnermann, Takahiro Takano, Lane Bekar, Kim Tieu, and Maiken Nedergaard(2010) : Adenosine A1 receptors mediate local anti-nociceptive effects of acupuncture

Rotating an Acupuncture Needle – L1-L5 Needling is important according to this study. Here are the summary of findings: Adenosine has anti-inflammatory properties and we found that acupuncture increased extracellular adenosine, as well as its anti-nociceptive effect. Inflammatory pain, mechanical allodynia (Pain when you shouldn’t get pain), touch sensitivity were reduced. Needle insertion without intermittent rotation stimulation failed to reduce pain sensitivity in both legs.

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