To Twitch or Not to Twitch?

To twitch or not to twitch?

I had a call today from a patient I saw in my clinic for Dry Needling treatment.

This patient called me up to ask me what kind of dry needling therapy do I do — do I leave the needle in place for several minutes, or do I move the needle around until the patient’s muscles flickers or twitches?

I must say that I was impressed. “Wow, that’s a very informed patient,” I said to myself.

That call encouraged me to create a video which addresses some important factors that are relevant to what the patient asked me. I also talk about how to properly answer questions like these from your own patients.

Watch the video to find out why it’s not always a good idea to try and elicit a Local Twitch Response using Dry Needling therapy.


Dr Wayne W Mahmoud
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