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Dry Needling CoursesTomorrow morning I’ll be starting our Dry Needling Course in the Gold Coast. Within minutes all the participants will be holding an acupuncture needle in their hands.

The aim of this exercise is to get them to start feeling the instrument or tool that they will be mastering by the end of the day. The sooner they can feel the weight, the texture, the contours and the flex of the acupuncture needle, the quicker they will achieve the skills required to safely use Dry Needling Techniques. 

I’ll be teaching the participants many useful techniques to help them use Dry needling effectively to obtain great results for their patients. One of the questions that will arise is: “What do I do if the needle just feels like it’s going in and out without grabbing on to any muscle fibres?”

This question is very commonly asked & it is sometimes described as a hollow or empty needle. The needle feels like it’s going in and out of water.

The empty needle is not ideal. If a local twitch response is not achieved after you insert the needle into a taut band of muscle, your next option is to achieve bind.

Bind is the feeling that one gets when you twist the acupuncture needle and you feel resistance to that rotation force against your fingers placed on the needle handle.

To the naked eye, the needle shaft is ultra smooth. However, under the electron microscope the needle shaft is actually quite rough. This roughness is important in achieving bind as it assists in grabbing hold of the surrounding connective tissue.

By grabbing hold of the underlying tissue and pulling it towards the surface of the skin, you can achieve de-qi.

Try it and see.


Dr Wayne W Mahmoud
CPD Health Courses

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