Dry Needling Gold Coast…The Problem with Smooth Needles

Dry Needling Course Gold CoastI am preparing to present our next Dry Needling Course in the Gold Coast. Every time I present a Dry Needling Course, I try and bring something new. I have been to so many courses in my time where I am bored by the morning break. I think what makes a course exciting is
the little snippets that you can take away and use straight away on the Monday morning.

One of the things I want to talk about on our next course is the problem of using an acupuncture needle that is too smooth.

In an earlier post I wrote about the Seirin needle and some of the great qualities of this needle brand. It’s smooth, easy to handle and almost painless on insertion. So what could be the problem with that? It seems a like a perfect combination of features.

Like any therapy Dry Needling delivers a dosage of treatment. Just like massage, manipulation, ultrasound or any other technique/therapy we deliver a dosage every time we apply that particular therapy.

The dosage of Dry Needling treatment that we deliver is dependent on the duration of the treatment, the depth of insertion & the amount of needle stimulation we apply before we leave the needle in situ.

The more stimulation we use to bring about a local twitch response or other local effects like a dull aching sensation, itchiness & local skin wheal the greater the dosage of treatment we deliver.

As we move the needle in and out of the local muscle tissue we disrupt the underlying tissue. This disruption is important in stimulating the body’s natural responses to the acupuncture needle. 

The quicker we can disrupt the local tissues, the less needle manipulation we need to bring on the desired response.

The problem we have when using an ultra smooth needle is that we have to use a lot of needle manipulation to deliver the same amount of tissue disruption. 

Essentially what I am saying is that using a smoother needle will require more needle manipulation to bring on the same dosage.

The Seirin needle and other ultra smooth acupuncture needles like this brand are great when you have a patient that is very sensitive or you want to deliver a very mild dry needling dosage.


Dr Wayne W Mahmoud
CPD Health Courses

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