Dry Needling for trap tension

Who treats patients who have tension in the traps?

Dry Needling for trap tension

Of course all manual therapists treat this problem. The problem we all have treating this muscle tension is it’s hard work.

To loosen up the upper border of a moderately hypertonic trapezius muscle can take a good 5 – 10 minutes of hard work. And that’s per side.

By using dry needling to loosen the 2 & sometimes 3 trigger points commonly found in the belly of the muscle you can achieve the same results in 5-7 minutes.
The beauty of dry needling this very commonly tight muscle is that you can leave the needles in situ while you work on the other areas associated with trapezii tension; the thoracic spine, interscapular muscles or use the time to catch up on your notes.

Save yourself time & avoid injuring your hands by learning how to use dry needling.

Dr Wayne W Mahmoud
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