Dry Needling can treat more than you think.

Dry Needling can treat more than you think.Many practitioners use Dry Needling to relieve pain from tight bands of muscle known as trigger points. However, Dry Needling is very effective at treating pain & tissue damage that results from trauma as well. 

Common injuries which result in tissue damage & bruising include an inversion sprain or as in the post image, after a fall over a bony prominence. In these situations it’s very difficult to apply any direct treatment to the area. This is why dry needling can be more effective than manual treatment.

Dry Needling is effective at treating bruising & the deep tissue damage because of the effects that it has on the body’s physiology.

The following physiological events are all related to Dry Needling Therapy:
  • Release of CGRP (Calcitionin Gene Related Peptide)
  • Increased blood flow
  • Release of Enkephalins
  • Fibroblast remodelling
So next time you see a patient with an acute inversion sprain or a haematoma following a fall or direct trauma, think about Dry Needling.

Dr Wayne W Mahmoud
CPD Health Courses

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    This is an amazing technique, certainly one that everyone that learns Dry Needling must have. The results this technique produces will blow your mind.


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