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I wrote that I attended my First Aid Refresher yesterday. So, what did I learn?

First Aid

Here are some of the facts I learned:

  • If you suffer a heart attack, your chances of survival are as low as 2.5% if you are given CPR alone. If a defibrillator is used your chances of survival jump to as high as 82%. For every minute between your heart attack and receiving help, your chances of survival reduce by between 5-10% per minute without defibrillation.
  • In Australia, we have the top 20 most venomous snakes, the most deadly spider & the most feared sea creatures found anywhere in the world. The Blue Ringed Octopus & the Cone Shell snail carry a deadly venomous sting that can even penetrate a wet suit. We don’t have an anti-venom for these two bad guys either!
  • If a bluebottle jellyfish stings you in Queensland this summer, the best thing to do is to pour warm-hot water (44 degrees) over the stings. This denatures the protein in the stings and reduces the pain.
  •  The best way to treat a burn is to remove the clothing if any & apply cold running water over the burn site. Then cover with Glad Wrap and take yourself or the injured person to hospital.
  •  If you suspect a stroke, lay the patient flat on their back with head raised to reduce blood flow to the head until ambulance arrives.
  • Use a credit card or a fingernail to remove a bee sting from your skin. Scrape the sting out sideways as the sting sac is next to your bite location. The bee won’t sting you twice because of the shape of it barbs. It actually splits its body apart trying to back out of the sting & dies.
  • A wasp comes back to sting you again and again because it leaves a pheromone in its sting to tell it where you are. The best thing to do is to go indoors and wash the skin where you got stung.

That’s it….scary huh?


Dr Wayne W Mahmoud
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