Dry Needling For Elbow Pain – Most Popular Training Video In December 2017

What was the most popular Dry Needling Training video on the CPD Health Courses Dry Needling Video Training site in December? It turns out it was the first ever Live Training video we recorded. Members of our video training were most interested in dry needling for elbow pain.dry needling for elbow pain treatment being applied to a woman

In this video episode we discuss the aetiology, presenting symptoms and treatment of medial and lateral elbow pain. As a result of knowing the causes, we then cover the appropriate treatment methods.

The thing is that anyone can stick a needle in a muscle that hurts but not everyone knows which muscles they should needle, in which order, how to needle them and which manual therapy techniques would compliment the needling techniques to achieve optimal results.

You see most therapists will not just focus on dry needling for elbow pain, they’ll use other manual therapy interventions to achieve pain reduction and return to function. The choice of which manual therapy techniques is dependent on many factors, including scope of practice, clinical findings and presenting symptoms.

The premise I always apply here is to never look for the leak but search for the tap. This means that I will always try and find the cause of your problem rather than focus on where your pain is. The smart money is always much more distal that the presenting pain site. In the case of elbow pain, the cervical spine is always a great place to start looking.

Although the cervical spine is a great place to start, and it doesn’t just cause headaches and neck tension, it’s too obvious. An even better starting point is to look at your patient performing the action that caused their pain in the first place. If they can’t recall an actual incident that caused their problem, then look at how they occupy the space their body fills. Ask questions and observe static and dynamic patterns. If nothing else, this “real view” of a patient is much more rewarding as a therapist and for the patient.

Dry Needling For Elbow Pain Treatments

The treatment approach that I present is not just about which muscles to needle. While dry needling is our key focus, we also discuss how to use manual therapy. Manual therapy includes manipulation and articulation techniques. As a result, the techniques are designed to help patients reduce elbow pain and increase range of motion. As with all Dry Needling techniques, it pays to know the following 4 facts about every muscle you treat: Needling direction, Surface anatomy, Caution Points & Referral Pattern. Not knowing these facts can lead to unwanted adverse effects.

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