Protect Your Practice

Protect Your Practice

This 2 hour online program will help you protect yourself, your patients & your staff. Running a busy practice & treating patients requires a lot of technical skill & knowledge, however you also need to ensure that you have systems, structures & protocols in place to guard against risk.

This program will teach you how to implement these safeguards so that you can concentrate on what you do best. The Protect Your Practice online program is endorsed by Private Healthcare Australia. Listen to FREE Preview HERE.

This Online Program is for health professionals who want to reduce the risk of failing an audit & stay compliant with respect to their patient managements systems. Did you know that Private Health Funds could randomly audit your clinic and ask to see your patient records, appointment details and claims history at anytime? 

 And did you know that over 50% of practitioners fail the audit process?

If you want to know how to protect yourself, your patients & your staff by reducing risk, then the Protect Your Practice program is for You. This 2-hour online eLearning program leads you through what to expect if you get that call from the lawyers, Health Funds, Professional Associations or the Regulation Agencies. By completing this online program, you’ll learn everything you need to know about compliance, privacy, security & fraud
; whilst gaining valuable CPD hours. We’ll discuss the most common causes of practitioner, patient, health fund compliance compromise & show you how to avoid these situations and actions. 

 You’ll gain a greater understanding of your obligations with respect to Private Health Fund compliance. 

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover in the Protect Your Practice: Private Health Fund Compliance program:

  • Trust between the patient, practitioner & Private Health Fund
  • Fraud & leakage
  • De-recognition of practitioners by private health funds
  • Padding, over-servicing & cascading
  • Member fraud
  • Patient record keeping
  • Privacy & security
  • Patient treatment plans
  • Risk reduction
  • Confidentiality

If you want to ensure that you’re practicing in a compliant & lawful manner with respect to Private Health Fund terms & conditions, you need to enrol into the Private Health Fund Compliance program today. To get started straight away all you need to do is register & pay and you’ll be connected to your online theory course. It’s as simple as that!