“Mechanotherapy” and why it’s important for clinicians

MechanotherapyKarim Khan calls Mechanotherapy “the most important fundamental concept that underpins rehabilitation exercises”.

Listen to Karim explain that all exercise-based rehabilitation relies on the cells of the injured tissue sensing the exercise stimulus, converting that signal to protein synthesis, and repairing tissue. He explains why ‘rest doesn’t work’ and argues that mechanotherapy has substantial evidence in its favour. The process applies to all body tissues – to injuries / pathology in bone, muscle, tendon and cartilage. Listen Here.


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    When a body says something they have to back it up with proof, not just we think. To date, there are no stidues that show acupuncture works for post operative nausea and vomiting, nor are there stidues that show good evidence of treatment with osteoarthritis pain. The problem is that there is no good comparison- that is, the provider and patient are not blinded. Although when sham acupuncture is used- that is, when needles placed not where they are suppose to be placed, there is still an effect.

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