How does placing needles into sleeping patients help knee pain?

Listen to Professor Orlando Mayoral talking about the extraordinary research he’s carried out on patients that had a knee arthroplasty procedure & how he tested the ability of Dry Needling to help these patients.

We’ll dissect his research & break it down so we can all understand what it means for us as Dry Needling Therapists.

Have you ever read a research paper or even a conclusion & still couldn’t work out whether the findings were relevant, important or even valid?

Do you know what these terms mean: P value, standard deviation, confidence intervals, sensitivity, specificity, mean, mode &medians? If you don’t, you should. Any practitioner who wants to provide the best care possible to their patients MUST know how to read research papers & be able to understand the relevance to their practice.

Dr Graham Taylor is going to make things really easy for us when trying to understand Medical Statistics. He will only speak in PLAIN ENGLISH. So, you’ll walk away with a good basic understanding of what’s important to know as a clinician & what should be left to the experts.

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