Dry Needling Therapy Intro Course in Adelaide – Done!

We’re done with the Dry Needling Therapy course in Adelaide! We had a great crowd of practitioners eager to learn all about DNT, and it was great having all of you guys there!

Here are some photos from our sessions:







I’ll be back on October 26 for the Dry Needling Advanced course, so if you want to learn how to treat conditions like LBP, Neck pain & headaches, TMJ, Osteo arthritis of the knee joints, do periosteal pecking plus rotator cuff injuries, join me for DNA.

I have included the details for our special deal for the Dry Needling Advanced course in your emails, along with your completion certificates.

Congratulations to everybody! I hope you enjoyed the course & you’re already practicing the skills you’ve learned.

Dr. Wayne

CPD Health Courses


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