Dry Needling Courses

Dry Needling Intro

Dry Needling Intro

Learn how needle the most common muscles using Dry Needling Therapy. Complete your theory online & attend a practical course at a location

of your choice. You’ll be needling within 30 minutes of your arrival. Receive a Complimentary Needling Starter Pack so you can start needling straight after your course. Click Here for more information about our Dry Needling Course for RMT’s
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Bundle & Save $300

Bundle & Save $350

By bundling your Dry Needling Intro & Advanced courses in one easy payment you Save $350. Complete your training in one

weekend & claim 36 hours in Continuing Professional Development. Save time & Money by bundling your training.
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Dry Needling Advanced

Dry Needling Advanced

Learn how needle the most common conditions that you see in practice. You’ll walk away with a plan of how to apply Dry Needling therapy to

treating knee pain, ankle sprains, tension headaches, muscle strains, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, lateral epicondylitis, rotator cuff tendinopathy, frozen shoulder, TMJ pain plus much more.
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Dry Needling Advanced

RMT Dry Needling Course

This accredited Dry Needling course is open to all Remedial Massage Therapists, RN’s, OT’s and EP’s treating muscle tension, sports injuries & pain.

It is an 80-hr course accredited by AAMT, ANTA & MAA which is made up of 60-hrs online theory plus 20-hrs practical training.
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Rochelle S “Excellent.” Rochelle S (Physiotherapist)

Dorothy H “Really enjoyed it.” Dorothy H (Physiotherapist)

Eliza G “Very informative-good to learn how to treat conditions rather than just muscles.” Eliza G (Physiotherapist)

Meleigh B “Very well taught by experienced & knowledgeable health professionals, who were always happy to provide assistance.” Meleigh B (Physiotherapist)

Tim T “One of the better CPD Courses I’ve done. That’s why I came back for the Advanced Course.” Tim T (Physiotherapist)

Jarrod V “Very good. Detailed online theory made participants ready for practical component.” Jarrod V (Physiotherapist)

Sophie M “I thoroughly enjoyed the online training component; it gave me more in depth knowledge of pain mechanisms, which I was able to apply to practice straight away. Practical sessions were challenging, fun & very valuable.” Sophie M (Physiotherapist)

Sarah K “Excellent- I feel confident in the skills learned thus far.” Sarah K (Physiotherapist)

Lochie N “Just wanted to also take this opportunity to say a BIG THANKS for all your helping, teaching and guidance over the weekend course. Your course was phenomenal, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m sure my of the other students had so as well. The intermix of theory; follow by practical and immediately self-practice was a great setup. The contents weren’t too challenging but at the same time left enough though provoking questions. I had a fantastic weekend. Very inspirational Wayne.” Lochie N (Physiotherapist)

Amber A “Great! Enjoyed myself thoroughly” Amber A (Physiotherapist)

Lino C “Excellent theory on-line & support material. Well qualified course presenter” Lino C (Physiotherapist)

Libby H “Very happy with theory & practical components of course” Libby H (Physiotherapist)

Leia S “Enjoyed it. Learnt heaps-great to review anatomy again as well” Leia S (Physiotherapist)

Emily B “Fantastic! Easy to use online theory & actually interesting. Practice course was great & professional, friendly presenters, lots of demo & practice. Was fantastic!” Emily B (Physiotherapist)

Eleanor D “Confidence boosting” Eleanor D (Physiotherapist)

Shan Shan Z “It was lovely to put knowledge into practice & putting what we learned in the introductory course together with pathologies and conditions. It provided a deeper understanding of dry needling” Shan Shan Z (2nd Year Physiotherapist)

Megan C “Was great & hopefully I’ll be able to use it with lots of my clients.” Megan C (Physiotherapist)

Anne H “Very good. Learned a lot. Review & detailed anatomy was great, feel confident to make a start on Dry Needling therapy.” Anne H (Physiotherapist)

Alannah C “Thoroughly enjoyed. Well-presented guys & very informative. I feel confident as a beginner.” Alannah C (Physiotherapist)

Jessica H “Excellent.” Jessica H (Physiotherapist)

Brendan C “Great day, very informative & lots of hands on practice” Brendan C (Physiotherapist)

Jacob H “Fantastic course. Presenter made course fun & informative. Would definitely recommend.” Jacob H (Physiotherapist)

Rebecca O “By completion I felt very confident with needling & believe I would benefit from returning to complete the advanced course.” Rebecca O (Physiotherapist)

Jialing T “Excellent. Friendly, helpful lecturer.” Jialing T (Physiotherapist)

Angelica “Very good experience. Course well organized, easy to learn.” Angelica (Physiotherapist)

Matthew “Very good! Team was great & very helpful. Nill issues with content.” Matthew (Physiotherapist)

Julia “Very informative, I definitely have gained more confidence and knowledge in dry needling.” Julia (Physiotherapist)

Catherine “Excellence in presentation & preparation.” Catherine (Physiotherapist)

Ari “Really great, makes me feel very confident using this in practice.” Ari (Physiotherapist)

Greg “Course well presented & organized.” Greg (Physiotherapist)

Thomas “Excellent.” Thomas (Physiotherapist)

Jacob “Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great presenter & staff.” Jacob (Physiotherapist)

Katherine “Very good refresher. Wael was very approachable both during the day & prior beginning of the course.” Katherine (Physiotherapist)

Quan Dang “I think the course was very well run.” Quan Dang (Physiotherapist)

Tracey “I have thoroughly enjoyed both courses and will highly recommend it to others.” Tracey (Physiotherapist)

Jorjia “I really enjoyed having the small class size of 6 in the advanced course. It was great to have Wayne’s feedback.” Jorjia (Physiotherapist)

Meagan “Fantastic course, will highly recommend to others.” Meagan (Physiotherapist)

Zach “Very thorough + gives you great experience of needling. Prepares us well for the real world.” Zach (Physiotherapist)

Rebecca “Really excellent – professional, safe, detailed.” Rebecca (Physiotherapist)

Jorjia “I really liked the presentation delivery. It was informative, clear and straightforward. I liked that we got 1:1 attention and feedback as we practiced the techniques.” Jorjia (Physiotherapist)

Sean “Excellent. Uses anatomy to explain the reasoning behind needling.” Sean (Physiotherapist)

Paul “Good experience. Feel competent to needle safely.” Paul (Physiotherapist)

Symon “Fantastic.”Symon (Physiotherapist)

Simon “Good course, thorough & detailed explanations.” Simon (Physiotherapist)

Carson “Loved every minute of it. The level of support, effectiveness and enjoyment really helped to solidify what I leant.” Carson (Physiotherapist)

Relika “Great.” Relika (Physiotherapist)

Katherine “Overall, very informative and I feel I’ve built my skill base ten fold!” Katherine (Physiotherapist)

Maggie “Fabulous.” Maggie (Physiotherapist)

Justine “The time and care taken to demonstrate + make sure everyone understood all practical components.” Justine (Physiotherapist)

Nicola “Professional, well structured. Detailed. Applicable to real life treatments.” Nicola (Physiotherapist)

Deanne “Excellent!” Deanne (Physiotherapist)

Sarah “Very enjoyable. Presenters were relatable and approachable.” Sarah (Physiotherapist)

Kara “Fantastic, feeling confident to start practicing this week!” Kara (Physiotherapist)

Mina “Excellent. Learnt a lot. I feel confident that I can dry needling safely and effectively.” Mina (Physiotherapist)

Ricky “Great! Thorough! Very informative and well run.” Ricky (Physiotherapist)

Lana “Having a wonderful time learning & enjoying presenter’s humour. Thank you for your patience.” Lana (Exphys)

Elise “Excellent! I have learnt sooo much!” Elise (Excersise Physiologist)

William “Thoroughly enjoyed the course, good content and presenters.” William (Excersise Physiologist)

Sophie “Excellent as always.” Sophie (Physiotherapist-Melbourne Physio Manips Course)

Robert “Very informative & enjoyable. I feel I gained some new skills.” Robert (Physiotherapist-Melbourne Physio Manips Course)

Tessa “Great! Lots covered!” Tessa (Physiotherapist-Melbourne Physio Manips Course)

Milly “Great. I definitely finished the day with improved skills.” Milly (Physiotherapist-Melbourne Physio Manips Course)

Krystal “Great course. Great info. Great presenter.” Krystal (Physiotherapist-Melbourne Physio Manips Course)

Jarrod “Great presentation of material and practical application.” Jarrod (Physiotherapist-Melbourne Physio Manips Course)

Michael “Very enjoyable & a good refresher as well as good opportunity to learn new techniques” Michael (Physiotherapist-Melbourne Physio Manips Course)

Cody “Excellent” Cody (Physiotherapist)

Paul “Excellent distribution of prelude theory. Subsequent. Practical.” Paul (Physiotherapist)

Paul T “Excellent.” Paul T (Physiotherapist)

Daniel “Very positive. Glad I came.” Daniel (Physiotherapist)

Cody “Very enjoyable & entertaining.” Cody (Physiotherapist)

Kaila “Very helpful and knowledgeable. I feel I have the confidence to go ahead and begin using dry needling for treatments.” Kaila (Physiotherapist)

David “Great. Would recommend to anyone who asks.” David (Chiro)

Tegan “Loved it.” Tegan (RMT)

Jen “Unreal. Absolutely inspired now to offer Dry Needling in my practice.” Jen (RMT)

Skye “Because Wayne has great communication skills and doesn’t waffle. I really liked lots of content quickly. Plus he’s an osteopath!” Skye (Osteopath)

Kirsten “Great teaching staff – Willing to help and explain.” Kirsten (RN)

David “Very good. Would definitely recommend this course.” David (Chiro)

Amanda “Good practice backed by sound knowledge base. Excelent focus on safe practice.” Amanda (Occupational Therapist)

Carly “Very positive – I feel confident enough to begin.” Carly (OT/Remedial Therapist)

Amira “Great! I choose CPD Health Courses to my DN Courses because I trusted the sound of Wayne.” Amira (Myotherapist)

Alexandra “Really good. Felt comfortable and safe.” Alexandra (Soft Tissue Therapist)

Debbi “I feel more confident after completing the Intro course.” Debbi (Remedial Massage Therapist)

Scott “Very thorough and informative.” Scott (Remedial Massage Therapist)

Ian “10/10” Ian (Remedial Massage Therapist)

Jason “Excellent.” Jason (Remedial Massage Therapist)

Shallan “Perfectly designed, relaxed, very informative.” Shallan (Remedial Massage Therapist)

Rachael D “Was really great instruction, was clear & presented in a great way that was neither too fast or slow. I really felt I gained a lot and would be comfortably able to needle tonight.” Rachael D (Ex.Phys)

Gerarde M “Great information & good resources. Good practical demonstration & effective treatment protocols.” Gerarde M (RMT)

Eva W “Excellent. Would recommend to others.” Eva W (RMT)

Samantha A “Excellent. Teachers very helpful & very knowledgeable. Loved it.” Samantha A (RMT)

Peta P “Very surprised by how much I have learned & feel confidence in using this skill outside of this course. Very happy with Wayne’s knowledge & skill.” Peta P (RMT)

Heidi H “Excellent. Lots of information but presented at a good pace with plenty of opportunities to recap & clarify points.” Heidi H (RMT)

Laura C “Excellent. It was challenging but very thorough, precise & informative.” Laura C (RMT)

Nichola S “Great refresher & very informative.” Nichola S (Myotherapist)

Simon W “It was informative, straight forward & I left with the confidence to start needling immediately.” Simon W (Chiropractor)

Susan J “Fantastic, I was concerned my lack of experience in recent years would be a concern, but felt very comfortable.” Susan J (Myotherapist)

Narelle H “Entertaining, informative, easy to put into practice.” Narelle H (Osteopath)

Lori C “Great Course, I will put it into practice immediately.” Lori C (Chiropractor)

Melanie U “Excellent.” Melanie U (Chiropractor)

Catherine E “So much more than I anticipated. Wayne is a fantastic presenter. The information was easily digestible, however very thorough. Very impressed.” Catherine E (RMT)

Peta P “Excellent. Exceeded Expectations. Plenty of information regarding Anatomy, needling & the effectiveness. Very Professional.” Peta P (RMT)

Shallan “Brilliant, a very informative and well structured course.” Shallan (Remedial Massage Therapist)

Simon R “A fantastic course that has developed my skills as a therapist and given me confidence to start dry needling.” Simon R (RMT)

Alain A “Learned a lot, new terminology & refreshed my memory with muscle names. It gave me more confidence in myself & dry needling treatment techniques.” Alain A (RMT)

Lee D “100/10 !!!!.” Lee D (RMT)

Sam G “Brilliant. I loved it.” Sam G (Chiropractor)

Di H “Absolutely loved the course. I’m glad I did both together as they worked well together & I know I can do advanced methods straight away.” Di H (RMT)

Dougie G “Really enjoyable way of learning & ultimately motivating to re-learn anatomy & become an even better practitioner.” Dougie G (RMT)

Vanessa S “Absolutely loved the course, learnt an incredible amount of new knowledge & skills, very excited to start using this fantastic new skill set.” Vanessa S (RMT)

Lee D “They are the best in the market. Superior Teaching” Lee D (RMT)

Anne B “I thoroughly enjoyed it & know I will be a much better RMT for it” Anne B (RMT)

Damian S “Well structured & taught, Very easy to comprehend the information & well timed.” Damian S (Myotherapist)

Sally S “The presenter was very professional with amazing knowledge. Great Teacher.” Sally S (RMT)

Michael L “Great course-very detailed anatomy. Learnt so much” Michael L (RMT)

Sally K “Thank you for coming to Hobart. Really great-thanks-gained a lot of confidence as the course progressed.” Sally K (RMT)

Denice D “Excellent overall” Denice D (RMT)

Bruce L “I found it challenging looking at different aspects of the body. I feel grateful for the course” Bruce L (RMT)

Dylan B “Great content, well run, would recommend to anyone” Dylan B (Chiropractor)

Lana T “Well run, efficient. Felt prepared for the practical having done the online study first” Lana T (Chiropractor)

Jolyn P “I have really enjoyed the course and it has been beneficial. It helped me step up” Jolyn P (RMT)

Adam P “Excellent” Adam P (Osteopath)

Samantha B “Wonderful, really great experience with plenty to take home” Samantha B (RMT)

Akin K “Excellent, it’s great to review and revise all muscle groups & for the lecturer to set such high standards from the start. Really pushed us to really focus.” Akin K (RMT)

Ann H “Wael is a fantastic presenter & lecturer. The course content (theory & practical) was well covered & I feel very confident to now integrate DN into my practice & treatments.” Ann H (RMT)

Jordan “Excellent – I think the videos helped with prep for course.” Jordan (RMT)

Heather “Really good. Easy theory. Easily explained practical.” Heather (RMT)

Jacqueline “Very good. Very ‘compact’. I am keen to practice to retain and build on skills taught.” Jacqueline (RMT)

Gavin “Thoroughly enjoyed.” Gavin (RMT)

Jacqueline “Organization of needling method. Very clear.” Jacqueline (RMT)

Teegan “Excellent.” Teegan (RMT)

Vanessa “Very positive. Thank you – it’s a great course.” Vanessa (RMT)

Johnny “Lecturers are friendly and able to answer ALL of the questions and even better that they provide extra answer.” Johnny (RMT)

Louise “10/10.” Louise (RMT)

Vanessa “At first I felt overwhelmed but then relaxed with info provided, demonstrations & pracice time. All increased confidence.” Vanessa (RMT)

Ben “Had a wonderful time. Looking forward to tomorrow.” Ben (RMT)

Angela “Love the course and got a lot from it.” Angela (RMT)

Nicky “Excellent. Delivery was great, everyone was friendly and considerate.” Nicky (RMT)

Cristina “Loved it! Can’t wait to needle everyone!” Cristina (RMT)

Melinda “Really happy with the standard of teaching.” Melinda (RMT)

Alisdair M “One of the best courses I have recently attended” Alisdair M (Osteopath)

Timothy M “Loved it!” Timothy M (Osteopath)

Dr. Alice M “I was really impressed. The time flew, we were busy & learning. Thanks.” Dr. Alice M (Medical Doctor)

Emily B “Enjoyable, well structured, good amount of practical work.” Emily B (Osteopath)

Ryan D “Excellent. Really good to go over all the anatomy and structures.” Ryan D (RMT)

Sharon W “Very happy with the modules and the information contained in them. It prepared me well for the practical.” Sharon W (RMT)

Tara R “The course was fantastic. I came on the first day timid about trying dry needling. Today I leave confident to incorporate the technique into my practice.” Tara R (RMT)