Dry Needling Course Sydney

Dry Needling Course SydneyWe’ve just presented Dry Needling Techniques to a wonderful group of therapists in Sydney.

The venue for our Dry Needling Course in Sydney was the Intuitive Well in Bondi Junction. The room we used was the Lotus Room. A perfect location for what we needed, light, clean, functional & quiet. As soon as you walk into the centre one feels a really calming and healing atmosphere.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Trish Cladera who organised our room for us. We’ll definitely be back.

Starting at 8am on a Saturday, everyone was ready to go. 

Within a few minutes of starting everyone was holding an acupuncture needle in their hand. I wanted everyone to start the proprioceptive feedback as quickly as possible. The more you handle the needle, the more feel you’ll have for the tool you’ll be using to practice Dry Needling therapy.

One of our accreditation requirements is to review the online theory component of our course. This ensures that everyone is familiar with all the important safety points that we cover in our course and also gives everyone an opportunity to ask any questions they have with everyone else.

Within 20 minutes we start our first needling practice. The format for the day is to start with the low risk and easiest trigger point locations then work up to the more challenging and higher risk areas. 

The underlying principle of the day is SAFETY. Everything that we demonstrate & teach is underpinned by reducing risk & safe practice.

Dry Needling Techniques is an introductory course and as such we cover needling points that are low risk. These points are located in the arms, legs, buttocks, hands, the lower back and sub-occipital region.

Everyone on the course in Sydney exceeded the standard we require to pass a student on our practical course. This is not surprising to us because everyone had already passed the comprehensive 8 hours of online theory & because our teaching techniques are based on 27 years of experience as an Osteopath & an Acupuncturist.

I can safely say that I would be happy to receive Dry Needling therapy from anyone who attended our Sydney course.

Well done!

Dr Wayne

Dry Needling Courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide & Perth.


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