Twitch Dry Needling Video Clip. Episode 17: DRY NEEDLING THREADING FOR SUPRASPINATUS

This video describes how I apply dry needling to the Supraspinatus followed by a complimentary Manual Therapy technique.


Hi, Welcome to the Twitch Dry Needling Video Training Series, where I’ll show you a fantastic dry needling technique followed by a manual therapy technique to get great results for your patients every time.

These Dry Needling Techniques should only be applied by trained therapists who have completed an accredited course.

Okay, rotator cuff injuries. Of course, we all know how to needle the Infraspinatus, the Teres, and Supraspinatus but what about this technique for Supraspinatus dry needling, which we call threading?
So threading along that supraspinatus gutter towards the sub-acromial space can be very effective for getting rid of trigger points in that supraspinatus, all the way along here, straight towards that tip of the shoulder.

But what else can we do as a manual therapy technique to follow that up?

Okay, lie on your side for me.

Okay. This is a really nice technique to stretch out that shoulder in various degrees of abduction, internal/external rotation of the glenohumeral joint can be really effective, not just for the Supraspinatus, but anyone with a rotator cuff problem.

So we’re just going to grab on to the humerus just in here, and of course, the Supraspinatus is going to be inserted onto that greater tuberosity and onto the superior facet. There we go.

So we’re now stretching that out, and an inferior glide of that humeral head and of course we’re having the supraspinatus insert into the superior facet of the greater tuberosity.

And we can change that according to what we want to do, what is the result that we want to get, and where the restriction is.

Very nice,that inferior glide just in here, superior to inferior, in various degrees of abduction. We can stretch that out just like this. Okay, so that’s Supraspinatus, a threading technique, dry needling threading technique, plus a follow up manual therapy technique for anyone with a rotator cuff injury. I hope that helps.

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